Waste-hauling costs are increasing and recycling policies are becoming stricter. Apartment operators are seeing the effects and are taking a variety of steps to improve efficiency and cost-effectiveness. In Part 5 of this 13-part, in-depth report, we discuss how to handle bulk items, cardboard and maintaining Dumpster areas.

There are ways to turn residents’ bad behavior into revenue – just a little bit.

“With skips and evictions and items that residents just leave behind when they move out, there are plenty of large items that must be disposed or “You can use a 1-800-GOT-TRASH-type of service, which generally charges $10 per item. In other markets, bulk hauler wants $25 per item and will only come if there are 10 items to pick up. Our space is valuable. Having a lot of large trash sitting around is not convenient. Or you can call us and we will manage your trash, keep you in compliance, eliminate overage, contamination fees, pick up bulk items, debris, which saves money and time.


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